Hey, I'm Confused!

Is Essiac Tea a Sham?
Does Essiac  really work?
Can I trust these people?  



How About A Money Back Guarantee?


Hello again,

My wife spent yesterday evening surfing the internet. She searched  all the information that is out there about Essiac tea. By the end of the evening she was discouraged.  She told me "honey, there is so much conflicting information out there about Essiac tea, that I really feel sorry for those sincere people   who are seeking help. It is very difficult for them to discover the truth about Essiac. First of all, there are numerous websites which state that Essiac tea just doesn't work. Then many of the websites which do present their particular brand of this herbal tea spend huge amounts of energy stating that only their brand of herbal tea works. If I didn't already know that our brand of this herbal tea works, I would really be discouraged." My response to her was "dear, if  this special herbal tea dy  is a sham, it is sure an inexpensive one, because it only costs $15.00 to try it out." You see, a packet of our dry herbs, which makes a two week supply of herbal tea, only costs $12.00, plus $3.00 for shipping and handling, a total expense of $15.00. But I also realized that, as usual, she was right. How is a body to know that our product is legitimate?

As a result of this discussion, and some pondering on the subject, I decided that the best way for me to deal with this dilemna is to offer a money back guarantee for an initial $15.00 purchase of one packet of our herbal tea. Most of our customers report results within two weeks. So one packet of our herbs, which makes one half gallon of herbal tea, which is a two week supply, should be enough for new customers to see for themselves that our tea works.


So here is how my money back guarantee will work:

1. For your first purchase, buy only ONE packet of our dried herbal tea blend. Your total cost is $12.00 for the packet of herbs, plus $3.00 for shipping and handling, a total expense of $15.00.

2. When the herbs arrive, save the invoice which will be enclosed. Prepare the one half gallon of herbal tea, and try it for two weeks.

3. If , for any reason, you are not satisfied with the tea, mail the invoice back to me personally at the address given below. Just write on the invoice "I want a refund".  I will mail back to you within 30 days a full refund of $15.00.

I believe that this will be a good deal for both of us. It will be a good deal for me, because I will get some new customers who might not have otherwise tried our product. It will be a good deal for you, because it will allow you to try our product at no risk.

Michael D. Miller
PO Box 278
Crestone CO 81131, USA

Tel:  719 256 4876
Fax: 719 256 4874
email: herbs@fone.net

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