Discovered among the Ojibway indians in 1922, our       alternative herbal remedy is made with American-     harvested herbs.    The primary herbs in the Essiac formula are Sheep    Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark and    Rhubarb Root.    Four other herbs, kelp, red clover, blessed thistle and    watercress, are added in small amounts.    We use only Organic and Wildcrafted herbs.     We do not use extracts of any kind, only the finest organic herbs in our Essiac Tea.
We are located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado
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Essiac tea is the only product we sell. Our herbal remedy has to be good for us to stay in business! And word-of-mouth is still our best advertising. We haven't raised our prices in 17 years! We are holding the line..... Many consider our herbal tea to be the best Essiac there is. "It's in the water"  We use "structured" water to make our bottled Essiac tea (read about work of Viktor Shauberger or Masaru Emoto for details).
Hello, My name is Mike Miller, and I first learned of Essiac herbal tea in 1992. At that time, few had heard of this herbal tea remedy of the Ojibway indian tribe which the Canadian nurse Rene Caisse had named Essiac Tea.  I set out to manufacture and distribute a brand of this herbal remedy tea which we call "Rene Caisse's Original Herbal Tea". Our goal is to provide the best possible brand of this herbal tea at a very fair price. We use only the finest organic herbs in our herbal formula. Our herbs are harvested in the USA, and we manufacture our herbal remedy at our office in Colorado, USA. Our prices are such that everyone can now afford this herbal tea. Using our dried herbal mix, a one week supply of our herbal tea costs US$6.00. Definitely affordable! And awareness of herbs for health and this special herbal tea has grown so that our business now ships our herbal tea all over the world. The story of Essiac Herbal Tea, its benefits, and how it was found among the Ojibway tribe in 1922, you will find interesting. They made Essiac tea using the herbs Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Rhubarb Root and Slippery Elm Bark. We use the eight-herb Essiac formula that includes these four basic herbs plus small potentizing amounts of four additional herbs.  There is also a small amount of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) added as a preservative. Also the free ebooks that we offer on our website also have valuable general health information, testimonials, recipes, that will help you to better understand and deal with your illness, no matter what it is. If you wish additional information, benefits, recipe, testimonials, etc. about Essiac tea, you will find a treasure of information available on the internet. If, after reading about herbs for health and this famous Native American herbal tea remedy named Essiac tea, you decide to buy some of Rene Caisse's herbal tea, I hope that you will remember us. Please return to our website to buy your herbal tea.   Sincerely, Michael D. Miller Natural Heritage Enterprises PO Box 278, 946 Stagecoach Trail Crestone CO 81131 USA Tel: 719 256 4876 email:
Our Toll Free Number is 888-568-3036
Hey, We are now International! The Essiac Handbook is now available in three languages. Download for Free   English: Click Here                               Spanish: Click Here Chinese: Click Here
Our Products In Bottles: We sell the Herbal Tea in 16 oz. bottles, ready to drink. The price per bottle is US$14.50. In Package of Dried Herbs: We also sell the Herbal Tea in a package of dried herbs which you brew into our special herbal tea. Each package contains 1/3 cup of herbs, and brews one- half gallon of herbal tea. The price per package is US$12.00. Brewing instructions are included with each package of our herbal blend. Bonus Program: If you purchase 12 bottles of the liquid tea or 12 packages of the dried herbs, you will receive an additional bonus of 6 for free. Pay for 12 and get 18! This deal is very popular with our customers. Shipping & Handling: Within the USA the charge is US$3.00 for orders up to US$25.00, $5.00 for orders greater than US$25.00, and US$12.00 for orders over $100.00. For orders over $150.00 it is $18.00. We ship our herbal tea world wide. For international orders, an extra charge equal to the air delivery shipping rate to your country will be added. Because of the excess weight of bottles, we only ship the dried herb packages overseas, to Canada, to China, and the orient.
Our 16 oz. Bottles (ready-to-drink) & Package of Dried Herbs (brew-your-own) which makes 1/2 gallon of herbal tea
Know that when you place an order on our secure website shopping cart you will get back a standard response from the shopping cart that say your order is pending credit card processing. What this means is that your order will ship with next business day. If we should have any problem we will call you. --Many Blessings To Order the Herbal Tea Click Here:
Special Offer:  For those who believe in natural herbal remedies and herbs for health, we have a 24 pg. booklet about our famous herbal remedy for health enhancement. It was found among the Ojibwa tribe in Canada in 1922.  This remedy will strengthen your immune system! It is recommended by JFK's personal physician. We will mail you a hard copy for free. It has the Essiac recipe.  If you wish to receive a FREE copy of The Essiac Handbook in the mail: Click Here Note: We do not share your mailing address with anyone.
We Are Located in the Beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado Here are two photos of the mountain creek that runs 100 yards from our office:
1. Our fresh mountain water has never been touched by pesticides or herbicides. 2. Made in the USA. All of our organic herbs are grown in the USA. 3. Packaged by hand, the old fashioned way. All mixing and packaging is done at our office         in Colorado.
If you wish to receive a FREE copy of The Essiac Handbook in the mail: Click Here If You Are Interested in a Money Back Guarantee Click Here: Frequently Asked Questions: Click Here Information about the 4 and 8 herb Formulas: Click Here   Visit Our Office Staff: Click Here   Essiac for Herbal Detox for Alcohol, Drug abuse: Click Here What About Essiac in Capsule or Pill Form?: Click Here Essiac for your Dog or Cat?: Click Here About the Essiac Formula Recipe: Click Here   To Visit Our Spanish Language Website: Click Here Distributors, Exporters, Importers: Click Here Health Food Store Reps: Click Here
We use “structured water" to make our bottled tea exceptional. We do three stages of preparation of our water. For an understanding of one of these process,  Click Here  for a utube presentation. What you have just seen is a system that magnetizes the water, as well as imparts a torsional spin to the water to energize it. This technology was first discovered by Viktor Shauberger. The magnetization of the water has also removed all memory (discovery of Masaru Emoto). We then impart 100% positive special healing energies and memory to the water. Finally, a special process first discovered by scientists in 1989 makes further molecular changes to the water to make it more absorbable and beneficial to the human body.
Yvonne Marshall of South Carolina writes us:  "I have been ordering Essiac from you since 1997 and I will never change. It is the best remedy for numerous conditions and it is proven to work. I have never had any complaints regarding this tea. I look forward to placing my next order  very soon. I have an order ready for three (3) cases of tea but I am waiting on the fourth person before I actually place the next order. "
 Linda Pritzker from Missoula, Montana emails us:     "Thank you for your life-giving service, and your pure motivation."
"If you could spare 5 Booklets, I have some friends with ailments that are asking me "my secret" and success with my Multiple Sclerosis. I want to share The Essiac Story with them! This is an amazing product. I am 51 yrs old and my MS is under control. I still rollerblade and race walk 10k's for goodness sake! I want to spread the word. Please send a few handbooks if you can. I just sent in another order for the 18 bottles. Thank you so much for your product."                                                                                                                                        Nancy Burkard, Milwaukee WI
Our founder is a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran. We wish to honor and salute the young people of our country who serve us bravely on far flung shores. The fabric of this great country is woven from the sacrifices of generations of young men and women who risked all for their love of their country. May God bless and protect them.
Organic Burdock Root  Organic Sheep Sorrell  Organic Rhubarb Root  Wildcrafted Slippery Elm Bark  Organic Blessed Thistle  Organic Red Clover  Wildcrafted Kelp and Watercress
We love getting email messages like this: Alton O'Briant  from South Korea on 4/24/12 wrote: "Your entire site is a message of hope. I pray that business like yours flourish"
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Note: We dedicate a percentage of our profits to benefit the universe. We have, to date, sent five under-privileged but talented  young people to college. They are the key to our future. In addition, we devote additional monies to foster other humanitarian projects.
"Character"  "Integrity"  "Honesty" cherished American values
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"The Lord hath created medicine out of the earth; he that is wise will not abhor them"  (old testament quote) Ecclesiasticus 38:4-5
Clarification: The Canadian nurse Rene Caisse was given her herbal remedy recipes for the Essaic formula in 1922 by an Ojibway medicine man. She later named the herbal tea Essiac. The name "Essiac" has since been issued as a trademark to an American company. Some may spell it Esiak, Esiac, or Essaic. It should be clearly understood that our natural herbal treatments formula is not named Essiac. It is named "Rene Caisse's Original Herbal Tea". The formula which Rene Caisse used to help her people was made public when she submitted her recipe to the  medical authorities in Canada in 1937 for evaluation as an alternative cure. In addition, many people who worked with Rene Caisse over the years were taught the formula, including the Canadian researcher Sheila Snow. Thus the formula has never been a secret. Others, such as Dr. Gary Glum of Los Angeles, were given the Esiac formula by her family after her death. Holistic classes often explain this. We were first given the formula by Dr. Glum. It has since been verified as authentic on two separate occasions by women who actually helped Rene prepare the herbal tea treatments.
Natural Heritage Enterprises PO Box 278 946 Stagecoach Trail Crestone CO 81131, USA
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Essiac tea books and information is found on many websites. We suggest that you thoroughly surf the Internet to become knowledgeable about this wonderful herbal remedy cures. Holistic classes and Herb liver
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